The Barnes Wedding


I am so excited to announce that I had the opportunity to shoot another wedding this summer! Valeria and Travis Barnes got married in Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens on June 24, 2017, and it could not have been a more perfect wedding. Their love and excitement for the day was contagious and inspiring. Thank you, Valeria and Travis, for allowing me to be a part of your special day! 

If I had a say, I would absolutely love to be a wedding photographer. Being able to be behind the scenes throughout the planning process and the pre-ceremony details as well as have a front row seat to all the action and every emotion is priceless, and getting to capture it on camera is even better! Working directly with the bride and groom and getting to know them during one of the best days of their lives thus far is incredibly rewarding! 

As a second shooter I got to concentrate on the details of the day without as much pressure to capture every moment, although I do that as much as I could. That is the beauty of having two photographers. It truly is better for everyone; you get more good photos, more relaxed photographers and few memorable moments that are not captured.

While I aspire to be a wedding photographer, a perk of being a second shooter is getting to focus on smaller details, and , since I love macro photography, this was something that I was overjoyed about! Rather than being focused on bridal portraits, I got to spend more time shooting the rings and venue. Instead of being at the front of the church, I got to follow the bride and her dad down the aisle and capture the wedding from the back of the chapel. It was a truly wonderful day and, although I did my fair share of running, dress fluffing and crowd control, I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything. 

The Ceremony

The ceremony was held in Anthony Chapel on the grounds of Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs. The glass chapel is the perfect backdrop for any wedding because of the natural beauty and light. 

Valerie was set on seeing her groom for the first time when it was time to say, "I Do," but the couple met around a corner to pray together before embarking on such a big moment in their life and relationship. Tears were shed by multiple parties involved. 

While Summer Laquernaque, the main photographer of the wedding, focused on the bride, I got to shoot the rings as well as the groom before the "around the corner" and the ceremony. Once we had everyone in place, I followed the bride and her father from the bride's quarters to the chapel. You can't stage the kind of emotions that bloom in moments like that. Even though I may have had to make a sprint back to the bride's quarters for some vows while the family and wedding party were entering, this was definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole day. In the hustle and bustle and getting ready, there were a few moments to just take a breath and soak in what was about the happen when the chapel doors opened. 

During the actual ceremony, I was able to capture the wedding from the back with the massive glass windows and green trees surrounding the couple. It was simple. It was gorgeous. 

The Reception

Following the ceremony, we drove a few minutes to the reception destination, Old Mill Chaperon, in Hot Springs. As if the ceremony hadn't been perfect enough, Valeria and Travis's love for each other shown just as brightly in the dimly lit reception room. From the cake cutting, which got a little messy, to the first dance, it was truly a beautiful experience. After the couple made their entrance and got the party started, guests of all ages did not hesitate to help them celebrate on the dance floor.

As a perfect end to a perfect wedding, we sent Valerie and Travis off with sparklers and car chalk, neither of which could have done justice to the smiles on their faces. 

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