About Me

photos by Corrie Childers


Hello, I'm Megan!

I am a full-time student and part-time photographer! I am a senior at Harding Univeristy where I am a double major in journalism and marketing and the editor-in-chief of the 95th Petit Jean yearbook. I am a daughter, sister, wife and friend. 

I have loved photography since middle school and high school. I practically stole my mom's Sony camera in high school, and, in order to get her camera back, my parents bought me my first Nikon before I went to college. I still shoot with that Nikon D7200, and it is my baby. After photographing seniors and families my first couple years of college, I began shooting weddings and fell completely in love. Being able to be a part of some of the most such special moments in people's lives is absolutely the best part of the job. 

I got married on June 30, 2018, to my high school sweetheart. Our parents were friends before we were born, so we have known each other our whole lives and even have baby pictures together. We started dating on June 30, 2012 and got married six years (to the date) later. Life is pretty great to say the least.