Travelle & Bailey


I have had the pleasure of knowing Travelle for the past several years through Harding University and Delta Gamma Rho. He was always a supportive friend, video wizard and fun personality to have around. After having communication classes together and being in the same social club, I would say we knew each other pretty well.

After I got engaged, Alex and I asked Travelle to be our wedding videographer. Not only was he a close friend to both of us, he was very good at it, and we were excited to have him as part of our big day!

Soon after, he asked me to photograph his big moment — proposing to Bailey.

Bailey is one of the sweetest people I have interacted with at Harding. She immediately radiates a genuine compassion for other people. Being a part of their special day and seeing how many people care about them was truly inspiring.

Bailey and Travelle’s story is one of-a-king, and in fear of getting something wrong, I will just say it had something to do with Zambia, but you will have to ask them about it.

Travelle and Bailey, thank you for letting me capture such a special moment in your relationship. Congratulations!