The Wesselhoft Wedding

Over Christmas break I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the Wesselhoft wedding with Grace Starr Photography! The ceremony was sweet, personal and sentimental in every way. From watching the bridesmaids exude joy as they saw Emily in her dress for the first time to taking a small "hike" down the hill and across the parking lot to pristine sunset lighting, their special day was perfection. 

Above all else though, when Emily walked into the church to walk down the aisle, both bride and groom lost control of their emotions, which quickly spread to the rest of their guests. I am so thankful to have been able to witness such a beautiful wedding.

One of the most memorable moments of Emily and Jarod's wedding — outside the obvious wedding moments like the kiss and the vows — was the stunt the groomsmen pulled when the officiant asked for the rings. Jarod turned to his best man, who then looked at the next groomsmen who looked to the groomsmen standing next to him, all the way down the line to the last groomsmen who proceeded to pass the ring back to the best man and to Jarod. It was one of those unexpected moments that just make you laugh and really show the personality of the couple and their friends.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jarod Wesselhoft!