The Ledbetter Family: Nontraditional Beach Bums

Throughout all the fun things we did during our vacation — exploring Charleston, seeing all the homes of the historic city, going to Boone Hall Plantation, living on Isle of Palm for a week and eating way too much the whole time — the experience would not have been the same without these people I get to call my family. 

Even though we took a "beach vacation," it would just not be Ledbetter nature to spend everyday on the beach, and it was perfect! I have always said it is about the people you are with, not the place you are. I guess you could say I am a people person, even though I am most definitely an introvert. After going to college, time with your family gets more precious, and this week was no exception. We might know how to push each others buttons, but there is no one else like the family you grow up with and live with. It's all I have ever known, and I couldn't ask for anything better. 

For those of you who have faithfully read this series of posts about my vacation to South Carolina this summer, you are the real MVP! While I do write for me, to get things down and to better myself, it helps a lot when I know other people are reading it and enjoying the things I write. 

Thank you to my Daddy for this vacation (for those of you who know my dad, make sure you look all the way through this one). Thank you to my Monna for the constant support and excitement about my work. Thank you to my model of a sister. Thank you to you. Yes, you. The one reading this. Thank you. It means a lot that you are here reading this. 

Megan LedbetterComment