Adalynn Turns Two

adalynn two

One of the things I love the most about photography is the guarantee of the unexpected. No matter how many photoshoots you complete or how many things you come prepared with, there will always be surprises, and sometimes those are the best things you could ask for. 

Recently I had the opportunity to capture this beautiful, spunky little girl for her second birthday! After meeting this sweet family and taking them out to a field in Vilonia, we just got to have a tea party and run around in a field. There may not have been posed shots, but, with children, those never turn out as well anyway! Adalynn was not only enthralled with her tea set, the sunflowers and running circle in the grass that came up to her waist, she also loved seeing the cows in the next field and the chalk that I had brought. The things you don't plan for are often the things that you are most thankful for. I have definitely learned never to force anything, especially when working with children. The sweetest moments and photos were the result of just letting her be herself! 

I could not be more excited with how well this photoshoot went and how much I love these photos! Thank you to this sweet family for allowing me to capture such a sweet time in your life. Happy Birthday, Adalynn!