The Bradley Family

This is the Bradley family, and they are so dear to my heart. Shelby has been one of my best , most honest friends since high school, and Mrs. Bradley, who I still can't bring myself to call Mrs. Donna, has been my music teacher since 5th grade. I was in band and choir under her direction. Memories of choir are some of the most special memories I have from my high school career. 

Since Mr. Sonny also works with my Dad and Carson goes to my small high school as well, I guess you could say I know them pretty well. Whether Shelby and I are talking about life over breakfast, I am visiting my choir days with Mrs. Bradley, going to their house where I watched my first (and only scary movie), or laughing at Mr. Sonny and my Dad when they show up matching, the memories of this family are abundant and precious to me. 

Thank you for everything you have done for me, including allowing me the honor of photographing your beautiful family. Much love. 

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