An Actress with Character

One of the features I had the honor of writing for 501 LIFE Magazine this summer featured someone very near and dear to me, and now that the article is published, I am going to take this opportunity to say some of the personal things I love about Abby that I did not get the chance to express in the article. 

Although I am the oldest cousin on my mom's side of the family, I cannot even remember the time when my three other cohorts weren't born yet. In addition to my sister Rachel and other cousin Haley, one of these cohorts was Abby. 

Growing up the four of us always did things together. Whether we were camping on Petit Jean Mountain, sitting at the kids table at all family gatherings or hosting our regular Cool Cousins Club Meeting (of which Abby was voted the President), we always found fun in each other. 

As we got older we all found our separate hobbies, but we still remained close. I now get to use my hobbies to promote Abby and her hobbies. If that isn't a complete, satisfying full-circle experience I don't know what is!

Abby's article can be found on pages 30-31 of the September issue of 501 LIFE Magazine and online

A typical one-hour magazine photoshoot soon turned into an entire evening in Little Rock taking a few senior pictures of this beautiful cousin of mine.