Falling for Waterfalls at Falling Water Falls

My next adventure over spring break consisted of a day trip to Pelsor, AR, home of the Pedestal Rocks and Falling Water Falls. Since my dad had been to the Pedestal Rocks before, this was our main destination along with the intentions of exploring around the area. As we were exploring in the area we discovered what may be one of my new favorite places. While traveling on a dirt road and passing a horse camp, we looked to the right to see this waterfall wonder sitting right of the road. As we climbed down to and around it we even discovered some other smaller falls in the closely surrounding area. This waterfall find began what one might call an obsession with waterfalls which led to the purchase of Tim Ernst guide book on the waterfalls of Arkansas, which we started to put to use this week as well. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I loved taking them. 

In addition to this jackpot find, we also hiked the Pedestal Rock trail. While we did not have time to hike the bluff trail on this trip, the pedestal rock loop was about 2 miles and easy terrain minus the parts that were right along a drop off to the next level of ground below. 

These formations have slowly worn away over time, creating these "pedestals." My dad and I climbed down around the base of some of the pedestals, but surprisingly, the best views are from the level on which the trail sits. 

The most surprising part about this hike was that you don't realize until after you have walked past it that you were just walking on a trail that runs over rocks that are floating in the air. Seems nature likes to keep us looking twice. 

More pictures from more spring break adventures to come!