My Sunshine Girl

I know what you're thinking... what? she is posting portraits? yes. I know it is different than my usual, but this is my latest branch out, and I really enjoyed it! When you photograph someone else, then they get just as excited about it as I do, and it makes for a very rewarding outcome. 
My lovely first model ever is my roommate Kathryn! We went to Peebles Farm Pumpkin Patch one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago and, on a whim, decided to shoot some pictures of her in a patch of her favorite flowers, and, if I do say so myself, I think they turned out pretty good! So I thought I would share them with anyone who would give interest! 
I have already taken some shots of some other friends and will be sharing them soon! Hope to build my confidence in this area to be able to do this for others as well very soon! What better part-time job than doing something you love?! Especially in college! 
Thanks, KitKat, for being my first official model and making me look good and thanks to everyone who keeps up with my photography, even if it is a little different!  

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