Social Media Marketing

If you have been following my blog for the past several months, you probably noticed some content that varied sightly from you were accustomed to seeing. That is because, this semester, I have been in a marketing class all about electronic marketing. As part of this course, I have been blogging about topics related to social media.

While I was unsure how posting different kinds of content would look, it really helped me keep my blog updated and more in the forefront of my mind throughout the semester. It is hard to sit down and dedicate time to my personal projects amidst a crazy college semester, especially as a senior, but I have posted more content this semester than I have in while. Even though it was not my best or ideal content, it was good for me to have content of any kind.

Spending more time on my blog also made me realize that I did not like the way my blog was being formatted. Because of that, I spent several weeks at the beginning of the semester re-designing my website. While I am not done by any means, especially with my home page, I am much more content with the way my blog posts are formatted.

Overall, this semester I feel that my blog has improved in design, consistency and diversity of content. Despite that, I still feel like I have a lot of room to grow in being more consistent and up-to-date with the content I want to be posting — like the handful of weddings I have shot this year that have STILL not made it onto my blog — that’s on my Christmas to do list. Obviously I want to continue and finish updating my site since changing my template in August. I have several pages I want to add as well as updating and filling my home page out further. The biggest area of growth I want to see, and probably the most long-term goal I have is increased my regular readership. I hope to begin sending automated emails through SquareSpace since that is a new feature they have added.

As a communication major and photographer, having a blog has been a place for me to house so much work and writing. It has been a place to me write something that I could put somewhere when I was having a reflective day or got stuck in my creativity. I hope to continue that as I graduate in a few months and start a real job (hopefully).

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