Social Media Blackout

This week in my social media marketing class, I was given a list of the top 10 social media influencers of 2018. Rather than having a few thousand or even a couple million followers like many of the influencers I follow — like the LaBrant family — the people on this list had anywhere from 10 million to 24 million followers. Dang, right! But I did not recognize anyone on this list, and, when I looked them up, I was surprised to find that most of their accounts did not engage me. What do they do that cause so many people to follow them?

The one that was most surprising to me was Cameron Dallas (@camerondallas). Because Instagram is the platform I use the most, that is the platform I used to look up Cameron initially. His Instagram account has 21.3M followers, a black profile photo and no posts — NONE — and one story that was a black screen with a frowning face on it! I looked up his twitter account which had 16.3M followers and one post, the same frowning face. Facebook? Same result.


Did something happen recently that caused his to delete all his posts? On twitter, his followers were either encouraging him that things would get better, claiming this was for a promo for a music release or calling him out for deleting content and unfollowing so many accounts. I wish I had found his account prior to the wipe in order to draw a conclusion of my own, but from the 2,300 comments, 5,100 retweets and 27,000 likes on such a simple tweet, you know he has dedicated followers.

Another source suggested he was a popular Vine and YouTube influencers, but it was hard to verify which accounts were his based on the limited information provided on his other platforms. The YouTube account I found had only 5M subscribers and had not been updated in a year, but did mention Vine compilations.

Why is he a macro influencer with millions of followers? I don’t know. I don’t know what brands he was promoting, I don’t know what kind of consumers he influenced before the wipe, but I know his followers are loyal, dedicated and feel personally connected to him, even through this one piece of content. You can be sure I will be following up to watch what he does next on social media.